• Quality

    Our founders, Charles von Abercron and Michael Schummert, have built up a "Best in Beauty" network over decades. They know excellent laboratories and know which manufacturers share our vision. Our goal is to offer you the highest quality and performance. We are supported by a large team of excellent product developers and chemists.

  • Transparency

    Empty marketing promises and overhyped active ingredients are not our thing: we tell you openly how the prices are made up and what is in our products: Active ingredients that are needed to achieve the greatest effect. Ingredients that prove to be unnecessary after our detailed research have to go. We aim to remain as clean and natural as possible.

  • Sustainability

    Top quality and performance are important to us - but so is sustainability. Together with our partners, we carefully select the ingredients for our products. Where possible, we only use natural and organic ingredients. Wherever we can, we avoid the use of plastic. We use reusable glass for many of our products and our packaging is made from recycled, sustainable paper.

  • PETA-certified

  • Vegan

  • Clean formulas

  • Best labs

  • High effectiveness

Expert team

  • Gründer Glossybox

    over 10 years of beauty experience

  • Produkt-Expertin

    over 10 years of beauty experience

  • ehemals Babor-CEO

    over 20 years of beauty experience


With over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry, our founders wanted to provide truly sensible skincare in the beauty chaos: Charles has held thousands of products in his hands since he founded Glossybox before they were included in Glossybox. Michael knows all the ins and outs of the production and manufacturing processes from his time as CEO of BABOR. What was missing: high-performance skincare that is also as clean as possible - and in premium quality. BECAUSE WE CARE ABOUT YOUR SKIN. The result: over 30 products and several lines that don't tell you what's best for you and your skin. We connect people with outstanding skincare that suits them. According to individual skin needs. Our products are as individual as your personality - each with the best possible formulation for your skincare needs. We are as transparent as possible when it comes to our ingredients. So you can decide for yourself and choose what goes on your skin and what doesn't.